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Mother-Friendly Worksite

Mother Friendly Worksite

The Mother-Friendly Worksite Program is administered in accordance with the Texas Health and Safety Code §165.003  which recognizes that a mother is entitled to breastfeed her baby in any location in which the mother is entitled to be . Additionally, in recognizing the important health benefits that breastfeeding offers to both newborns and their mothers, Congress amended the Fair Labor Standards Act  requiring that employers provide breastfeeding employees with “reasonable break time” and private space to express breast milk during the work day .

In our continuing efforts to improve the health and wellness of our employees and their families, Texas State was awarded a grant from the Texas Department of State Health Services to create a Mother-Friendly Worksite by creating special rooms in buildings across campus for nursing mothers. Texas State is one of only a few public universities in Texas to offer accommodations for nursing mothers.

Nursing Mother Rooms on Campus
Each room offers a clean, secure, and private space for nursing mothers who need to express breast milk during the workday. All of the rooms are equipped with a table, chair, and key lock; some of the rooms contain compact refrigerators, sinks, and lockers. If a sink is not in the room itself, there is one close by. If you use a room where a refrigerator is not provided, we recommend that you bring a cooler to store your breast milk or in a common refrigerator. Nursing mothers may access the rooms only for the purposes of expressing, storing and collecting breast milk. To access these rooms, please contact the office listed in the contact information for Nursing Mother Room Locations. For questions regarding the Mother-Friendly Worksite Program, contact the Work Life Program at


Break Time for Nursing Mothers

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